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Meet The Leadership Team


Katie Smith
Off Campus
Marketing &
Peace Studies

Hello! I'm a senior Marketing and Peace Studies major from Kenya, although I was born and raised in Chicago (Go Cubs!). My all time favorites include: coffee, nature, playing with kids, and anything that builds community. ISI has been one of the biggest blessings during my time at Notre Dame, and through it I have had the privilege of experiencing God through others more times than I can count. I can't wait to spend my last year on campus getting to know each of you better and watching ISI grow from a front row seat!

Irla Atanda
Abroad in Chile!
American Studies &

Hello friends! My name is Irla! I am a junior American Studies Major minoring in International Development Studies and Business Economics. I come from the great state of Florida, so these Notre Dame winters are definitely not my friend! I love to travel and immerse myself in the culture, people, and food (I'm an adventurous eater- weirdest things I've eaten: sheep's brain in South Africa, guinea pig in Ecuador, iguana in Nicaragua, and gator tail in Florida)! I'm so excited to serve on the ISI leadership team this year. I know God is working in this community and I can't wait to see where He takes ISI!

Morgan Chichester
Le Mans (SMC)

Hi! I’m Morgan Chichester! I’m a junior nursing major at Saint Mary’s College from Cumming, Georgia! I love running, playing tennis, supporting ND athletics, serving in our community, and outdoor adventures! The ISI community is filled with so many wonderful people who are encouraging, challenging, and growing in Christ together!

Small Groups

Joe Laski
Duncan Hall

I'm a skeezy* guy from Los Angeles, California (Pasadena specifically). I'm a sociology major and plan to become a marriage and family therapist. I'm in charge of small groups here at ISI!

* skeezy (adj.); derivative of skeeze (noun). Skeeze is Joe Laski's favorite word, and could be described as the most positive combination of sketchy and weird. Ex: don't skeeze me bro!; Irla, you're looking real skeezy today.; what the skeeze!; ew, that jolly rancher under the couch is skeezy.


Maddie Thompson
Off Campus
Theology &
Peace Studies

Hi there! My name is Maddie, and I'm a senior studying Theology & Peace Studies at Notre Dame. I was born and raised in the great city of St. Louis, Missouri, but feel blessed to call so many places around the world home. My free time is best enjoyed outside with friends or exploring new places! I'm a big fan of community, food, hammocking, hiking, movies, story-telling, & sub-par jokes. I love working with ISI Talks because I get to hear how God is working in the lives of my brothers and sisters. PEACE

Charlie Trense
Off Campus
Finance, ACMS &
Peace Studies

I am a senior studying Finance, ACMS, and Peace Studies. I have lived in Atlanta, GA my whole life and was raised a huge Falcons fan. My southern roots have taught me how to swing dance - a very useful thing to have in your back pocket in college. Additionally, you can easily become friends with me simply by having a golden retriever (best friends if it's a puppy). I am also a defenseman on the lacrosse team at Notre Dame.


Heather DiLallo
Senior(SMC), Junior(ND)
Off Campus
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

I am a senior chemistry major at Saint Mary's College (Go Belles!) and a junior chemical engineering major at Notre Dame living off campus. While hailing from Ohio, I hope to move to Asia post-graduation and engage in humanitarian work through my technical background. I am heavily involved at both Saint Mary's and Notre Dame and am passionate about the advancement of women in STEM. As a Protestant on a Catholic campus, I attend church off campus but appreciate the beauty of the liturgy and conversing with my Catholic friends.

Whitney Lim
Off Campus (Peace House)
Theology &

My name is Whitney C Lim and I am a junior from San Francisco, California. I currently live off-campus in Peace House, but I am still a proud Pasquerilla East Hall Pyro! Next semester I will study abroad in Jerusalem, Israel! I am majoring in Theology and double-minoring in Sustainability and Business Economics. I am serving as the logistics officer for ISI leadership right now, but I've also co-led a retreat and co-led a small group in ISI. I've been involved in Habitat for Humanity and Student Government too. Some of my favorite things in life are: God, singing, writing, people, travel, laughing, deep conversation, Cimorelli, dancing, babies, sleep, boba, beaches, and the moon.


Elizabeth Chen
Off Campus
Biochemistry & Psychology

I left the beautiful mountains of Colorado to attend school in the flat cornfields of Indiana. I am a senior studying Biochemistry and Psychology and I am a pre-med as well. I love baking, music, and skating, and also discovered a love for traveling after studying abroad in Dublin. If you ever want to talk about any of those things (or anything else), I would love to do so (or just listen) so please feel free!

Internal Service

Meklit Zenabu
Lyons Hall
CDT & Sociology

Hello friends! I am a junior studying Psychology with minors in Computing & Digital Technologies (CDT) and Sociology. I am originally from Ethiopia and I currently live in Ohio (Go Cavs! But I still love Steph Curry). I love soccer, oreo cookies - without the frosting, dad jokes, and most importantly, hugs. If you ever want to chat or just hang out, just look for the shortest girl at ISI on Thursdays because there is a 50% chance that it'll be me.