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Meet The Leaders

Leadership Team

Zack Horne
Dillon Hall
Finance with a
minor in Korean

Zack is a senior finance major with a Korean minor living in Dillon hall. He conveniently also has a brother name Dylan. This can cause some confusion when asking him, "How’s Dillon/Dylan?". Zack hails from the great state of Texas, but his Texan pride is not palpable. However, ask him about Dr. Pepper. He has strong feelings.

Grace Choe
Ryan Hall

Grace sometimes wonders why she left the beautiful paradise of Hawai’i to go to school in the Midwest. She embarked on this arduous journey through the winters of South Bend to continue the "Choe Dynasty," of which her little sister is the fifth of her siblings to go to school at Notre Dame. Nevertheless, she and her beloved ukelele have made their second home at Notre Dame and love it. She was blessed to have an incredible experience abroad in Jerusalem in the spring and is now eager to dive right into leading the Women’s Boxing Club, where she hopes to help raise funds for Holy Cross Missions for school girls in East Africa through love, peace, and, of course, punches!

Maggie Van Zalen
Political Science

Margaret is a senior Political Science major at Saint Mary’. She was born and raised in Holland, and her Dutch pride is palpable. (Read: "If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much"). She has strong feelings about sheep, corn, and Dutch Blitz. Although she might have not washed her hair for two years, that doesn’t mean she is any less phresh.

Ryan Gannett
O’Neil Hall
Life or Marketing or Theo

Ryan is from California and lives by the motto "West Coast, Best Coast." Ryan is an Eagle scout and the only thing he likes more than exploring the out doors is rooting for the Oakland A’s.

Prayer Team

Flora Tang
Political Science &
Applied Mathematics with
a minor in Theology

Hey y’all! My name is Flora Tang, and I hail from a city in the Far East called Beijing, China. I am a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Applied Mathematics with a minor in Theology, and I proudly call myself a BP babe. During the few rare hours when I am not napping, I run the newly-founded ND Vegetarian Club and sing with the Women’s Liturgical Choir at Saturday masses in the Basilica. I also absolutely love baking, making music (piano, violin, singing, humming, tapping on my desk...), and writing poetry. I feel so blessed and excited to be a part of Prayer Team at ISI this year-- looking forward to a great year of friendship and community!

JesusisLord Nwadiuko
Keenan Hall
Pre-Med &

JesusisLord Nwadiuko is a junior from Houston. He loves beatboxing, playing guitar, and shooting hoops. Ask Him how he got His name and he might respond to you in Chinese! (It’s his major.) Although he is >6 foot and really loud, he’s quite approachable. His dream is to see God turn campus upside-down with His love and presence.

Service Team

Priscilla Rumbeiha
Badin Hall (SMC)
Business & French

Priscilla Rumbeiha is a sophomore hailing from Ames, Iowa. She lives in Badin hall and is double majoring in business and French. On campus she is involved in the Undergrad Women in Business Club, French Club, and the African Students Association. In her free time Priscilla enjoys reading, riding her bike, and playing soccer. .

Abby Sheppard
Lewis Hall
Environmental Studies &
Industrial Design

Abby is a senior from Dayton, Ohio, but recently returned from studying abroad in the lovely Dublin, Ireland. She loves artistic things and outdoor adventures. She's also part of SUB, and spends her free time in the ceramic studio or listening to Beatles music.


JesusisLord Nwadiuko
Keenan Hall
Pre-Med & Chinese

JesusisLord is an awesome guy! Talk to him to get to know him more!

Kenneth Harkenrider
Stanford Hall
Electrical Engineering
(Or maybe CS?)

So Kenneth stole the TARDIS back from Matt and returned it to London over the summer (also failing to pick up an accent...) before coming back to the beautiful state of Indiana, his home since birth. Whether you want to discuss British television, cars, faith, or something random, Kenneth will at least try to make a good conversation (he likes to listen and is open-minded, so venting is also welcome if you need it). Ask him about jamming sometime as well because you can never play too much music.


Spencer Schmidt
Morrisey Hall

Spencer is a big friendly giant, and always game for a conversation. Whether you want to talk about comic book heroes, theology, or tell him your life story, chat him up.

Men of God

Adrian Bottomley

One who never walks alone in more ways than one, he (for failure to write about yourself, excuse me, oneself, in third person in a bio is a cardinal sin) has been known to play strategy games long into the night. When not planning the downfall of his enemies, he can be found refereeing the beautiful game or wandering around campus after dark.

Daniel Hernandez
Stanford Hall
Management Consulting

I’m from Orange County California. I’m a junior studying management consulting trying to use business to serve the lord. I love to play games and sports while being in community with others and that’s why I love Isi so greatly. I hope to help Isi as best as I can.

Ladies of the Lord

Brooke Justus
Pangborn Hall
Political Science &
Peace Studies

Brooke left sunny San Diego for South Bend, but she still hasn’t given up on her flip flops, being "stoked", and wearing bright colors. She loves coffee dates, walks around the lakes, current events, life talks, and volleyball on the quad.

Frances Mitchell
Pre-Med &

When not sleeping, speaking Spanish, or both, Frances enjoys dressing up as Elsa. But don’t let that fool you… She is a deadly nerf assassin. If she was a superhero, cute things would be her downfall, as she is immediately distracted by them. You are likely to see her around campus on her trusty longboard, Yoshi, with coffee in hand.

Freshmen of God

Justin Cohen
Zahm House
Business &

Justin is a Business and Spanish Major, and plays saxophone in the Band of the Fighting Irish. He loves board games, basketball, and candy. Justin is a big fan of 11:00lunch and 4:30 dinner, so if you ever want to talk about anything, feel free to contact him.

Natalie Boone
Farley Hall
Business(Marketing or Management)&
Political Science

Thankful to stay home in Indiana. I love football games, dumpster diving for doughnuts, traveling, any excuse to drink coffee, and being around people.

Justin McCurdy
Dillon Hall
Accounting &

Justin is a sophomore majoring in Accounting and Economics. Like many people at ND, he is from Chicago-land. He enjoys anything technology related as well as swimming and playing games in his free time.


Vanice Cheung
McGlinn Hall
Computer Science &

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